Our Museum

The Tibet museum was established with the aim of presenting Tibet’s history and visions for its future through texts, photographs, videos and installations. The museum features our main exhibition, “A long look homeward”. It is divided into two sections: the first floor presents the Chinese occupation of Tibet and its results, and the second one displays Tibet’s past and hopes for its future.


In addition, the museum hosts a memorial for the 1.2 million Tibetans who died as a result of the Chinese occupation of Tibet, a remembrance and hope butter-lamp display, and a testimony corner where Tibetans can provide names of relatives and friends who died as a result of the Chinese occupation.


The small lecture hall is used for showing various historical films on Tibet, lectures and presentations relating to Tibetan history and culture.


Catering to the diverse audience of visitors to Dharamsala, all the textual presentations in the museum are given in three languages: Tibetan, English and Hindi.


The Tibet Museum is more than a space for exhibitions, installations and lectures. It also provides a platform for educational activities relating to Tibetan history – through in-house activities and special events, traveling museum kits, catalogs, and various other publications.
We believe that knowing the past gives strength and guidance for the future. We hope our museum will be instrumental in both these aspects.