Traveling Exhibition

Traveling Exhibition

The museum currently has eight set of exhibition titles. Each title comprises photographic panels with individual textual descriptions in three language i.e. Tibetan, English and Hindi. The photographs and texts are displayed on large panels that are easy to transport and allow for multiple display set-ups:


Titles of traveling exhibition:

  1. The Burning Question – Why are Tibetans turning to Self-immolation? (27 panels) Download Exhibition (Complete Panels, PDF format 994 MB)
  2. India and Tibet – Ancient Ties, Current Bonds (32 panels)
  3. Journey into Exile (40 panels) Download (Only 5 Panels, PDF format 116 MB)
  4. Glimpses on the History of Tibet (27 panels) Download (Complete Panels, PDF format 165 MB)
  5. Biography of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (38 panels)
  6. A Long Look Homeward (25 panels)
  7. Peace Apostle (45 panels)



Past Exhibition:

  1. Bodhgaya, Bihar, 15-24, Jan 2018
  2. BPMP ground, Shantinagar, Bengaluru, 10-14, Dec 2017
  3. Taj Hotel, New Delhi, 7-9, August 2017
  4. Bylakuppee (Lugsam and Delar), Hunsur (Rabgyeling) and Kollegal (Dhondenling) Tibetan Settlements, Karnataka, 6-13 July, 2017
  5. Partap World School, Indora, 16-17 June, 2017
  6. Madras University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 24 March, 2017
  7. Mainpat Carnival 2017, Mainpat, Chattisgarh, from 10-12 February, 2017
  8. 34th Kalachakra, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, 2-14 January, 2017

The Tibet Museum also consider requests to send its traveling exhibitions to Indian cities if costs (including travel, daily allowance for three staff, transportation and lodging) are provided by the sponsoring organization.


Some of the Indian and foreign tourists at an exhibition on Tibet organised by the Tibet Museum

Indian and foreign tourists at a traveling exhibition on Tibet organised by the Tibet Museum