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Costumes and Jewellery  of Tibet

‘Costumes and Jewellery of Tibet’, a comprehensive book on traditional costumes and jewellery of Tibet. The book is authored by Ms. Namgyal L. Taklha. The book is the outcome of 15 years of meticulous research, hard-work and consultation with senior Tibetan citizens.

Rs: 1500/-

Glimpses on the History of Tibet

A pictorial book Glimpses on the History of Tibet was adapted from Claude Arpi exhibition on Tibet’s history. It illustrates the rich cultural, political and religious history of Tibet from its mythical origins on the world’s highest plateau to its modern day struggles following the occupation of Tibet by the People’s Republic of China. The book aims to reconnect young Tibetans with their ancestral land and also to inform and educate non-Tibetans on the history, culture and resilience of Tibet.

Rs 300/-

Tibet’s Journey into Exile

Tibet’s Journey in Exile covers the chronology of Tibet’s ancient cultural heritage and presents the means through which its culture is preserved in exile. Tibet’s Journey in Exile takes us through the journey of over 50 years and shows how Tibetans, with the able guidance of H.H the Dalai Lama and the CTA, have been able to establish a cohesive and functioning community in exile.

Rs 300/-

India and Tibet: Ancient Ties and Current Bonds

The book shows the ancient ties and currents bonds between India and Tibet. The story perhaps started millions years ago when the Indian island collided with the Asian plate. After which the two nations are bound to each other through historical, geographically, politically and culturally.

Rs 300/-

Tibet at a Glance

Tibet at a Glance is a compilation of the Tibet Museum’s photographic archives that seeks to highlight the identity of Tibet through its national symbols, maps, history and rich religious culuture. These are presented in a factual way through photos and text.

Rs 150/-

A Long Look Homeward

A Long Look Homeward is an exhibition catalog meant to preserve the memories of Tibetans who lived in Tibet before the Chinese occupation. The exhibition takes you, the visitor, on a journey depicting the darkness of invasion, destruction and oppression while also shedmg ligit on the magnifioent past of Tibet and expressing hopes for its future.

Rs 150/-

Postcard Series 1 : Faces of Tibet

Each set contains 12 different pictures. It depicts the culture and tradition of Tibet.

Rs 100/-

Postcard Series 2 : Landscape of Tibet

Each set contains 12 different different pictures of landscape of Tibet.

Rs 100/-


Tibet Museum’s latest portable utility bag. The bags, which can be folded into a small pouch can be used in everyday life for multiple purposes and comes in two varieties. Both versions come in same size and dimensions but differ in the pictures on it. One of it has the picture of majestic Potala Palace on its front and the other has a picture of an aristocratic lady on it.

Rs 300/-

Tibet Cultural Map

The Tibet Cultural Map shows the Tibet before the Chinese occupation and it’s neighbouring country. It depicts the Capital, Towns, Major Peaks, Rivers, Monasteries, and International boundaries.

Rs 100/-

Timeline of Tibet

The Timeline of  Tibet shows the important dates or the events of Tibet’s history and Tibet today. It is depicted in four different events from the times of Tibet during Tsenpo kings and other rulers, The Dalai Lama, Tibet under China and Tibetan in exile.

Rs 100/-