About the Tibet Museum

In a small building in the complex of Dalai Lama’s temple, you’ll find the Tibet Museum. The pristine white interiors are sparingly filled with photographs and Tibetan artefacts. More than a museum, the Tibet Museum is a library of facts, documents, videos, installations and objects related with the Chinese occupation of Tibet. As you enter you’ll be taken through the grim but fascinating methods the Chinese used to intimidate the Tibetan people. Huge sepia tinted photographs tell you how Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet into India dressed like a soldier, the Chinese soldiers stationed at the Lhasa border and many more poignant scenes. A video made by a documentary filmmaker takes you through the torment the Tibetan freedom fighters live through even today. On the second floor you’ll see images of optimism. Like the first group of people who came to India from Lhasa. You?ll also find the declaration of the Chinese people to the Tibetans and the promises they made. All in all the Tibet museum takes you through the history of a people determined to hold on to their identity. And changes you in way few will understand.