Kalon Norzin Dolma Inaugurates Tibet Museum’s Temporary Exhibition Titled “Numismatic Heritage of Tibet”

Kalon Norzin Dolma inaugurates Tibet Museum’s temporary exhibition titled “Numismatic Heritage of Tibet”.

Dharamshala: Kalon Norzin Dolma of the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR), CTA inaugurated the temporary exhibition titled “Numismatic Heritage of Tibet” earlier today at the Tibet Museum. The inaugural ceremony was also attended by DIIR Additional Secretary Namgyal Tsewang.

The exhibition will be open for public viewing from 6 January to 15 March 2024.

The exhibition, curated by Tenzin Topdhen and Ngawang Dorjee, explores Tibet’s numismatic legacy, unraveling its cultural and historical tapestry through coins and currency. It highlights the evolution of Tibetan currency as a tangible reflection of the region’s diverse influences, providing a unique insight into Tibet’s past. The showcased artefacts include Tibetan coins with distinct designs that symbolise aspects of Tibet’s independence, spirituality, history, and daily life. Additionally, the exhibition delves into the influence of neighbouring cultures, highlighting the region’s interconnections with the broader Asian context.

To enhance the visitor experience, the exhibition fosters a deeper appreciation of Tibet’s currency through interactive displays, multimedia presentations and testimonials. The exhibition not only celebrates the artistic and historical value of Tibet’s currency but also fosters a deeper understanding of Tibet’s diverse cultural identity.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by many visitors, indulging in various discussions. The ceremony concluded with remarks from Tenzin Topdhen, the director of Tibet Museum, who stated that the numismatic heritage of Tibet is specifically significant for its representation of Tibet’s independence.

Kalon Norzin Dolma lighting a butter lamp during the inaugural ceremony.