The Tibet Museum Successfully Concludes its Travelling Exhibition cum Tibet Advocacy in Italy

Director of the Tibet Museum, Tenzin Topdhen, speaking to a gathering.

Rome: The Tibet Museum of the Central Tibetan Administration successfully concluded its week-long travelling exhibition tour in Italy on 14 April 2024.

The travelling exhibition began on 8 April with a captivating talk at Sapienza University, Rome, led by Professor Filippo Lunardo, who shed light on the depth of Tibetan history and art—followed by presentations by President Antonio Volpe and Rossana Tashi Drolma Barbolla at Liceo Classico “Pilo Albertelli” the next day. On 10 April, the team from Tibet Museum hosted an interactive session on Tibet advocacy at Gaetano de Sanctis High School, Rome, engaging 200 students.

On the subsequent day, the Tibet Museum team participated in a conference spearheaded by Senate Andrea De Priamo at the Senate of Republic (Sala Zuccari—Palazzo Giustiniani). Distinguished speakers shed light on various aspects of Tibet advocacy, emphasising the importance of collaboration and action.

The travelling exhibition cum Tibet advocacy efforts continued with a seminar at The Samantabhadra Institute of Buddhist Studies, followed by events at IL Circolo dei Lettori, Museo di Arte Orientale (MAO), and Centro Milarepa in Turin on 13 April.

The journey concluded with a gathering at La Casa del Tibet, Vatigno de Canossa, attended by 50 supporters, reaffirming the commitment to Tibet advocacy and cultural preservation.

-Report filed by The Tibet Museum

Director of the Tibet Museum, Tenzin Topdhen, speaking to a gathering.