Tibet Museum Successfully Wraps up its Travelling Exhibition Tour in Frankfurt

Tenzin Topdhen, Director of Tibet Museum, speaking to the visitors during travelling exhibition in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt: The Tibet Museum of the Central Tibetan Administration concluded its travelling exhibition tour in Frankfurt on 26 April 2024 after a successful five-day stint. The exhibition, which ran from 21 to 25 April, showcased Tibetan culture and advocated for Tibet.

The exhibition tour in Frankfurt kicked off on 21 April following the Tibet Museum team’s arrival, who were received by Thoesam Rinpoche. 

On the following day, the team set up photo exhibition panels and coin and currency displays at the Tibet House. HR-fernsehen, a German state-owned media outlet, captured footage of the exhibition for German audiences, which was later broadcast on ARD Mediathek and Die Ratgeber.

The inaugural ceremony of the exhibition was held on 23 April in the gracious presence of Elke Hessel, director of Tibet House Frankfurt, and Thoesam Rinpoche. Tenzin Topdhen, the Director of Tibet Museum, introduced the museum and its traveling exhibition, which included a screening of an animation movie on the reincarnation of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He further provided insights into Tibetan culture and Tibet’s current situation to spectators of the exhibition. 

On 24 April, a group of 45 students and three teachers from Humboldt School visited the Tibet House and discussed the current situation inside Tibet with Director Tenzin Topdhen. They delved into the photo exhibition and Tibetan culture, followed by a Q&A session. 

On its final day, a multitude of visitors, including Stanzin Sangrup from the India Visa section of Frankfurt, flocked to the Tibet House, their enthusiasm palpable. The engagement and interest in the exhibition continued unabated throughout the day, leaving a lasting impression on all. 

According to The Tibet Museum, the “Traveling exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, served as a pivotal platform for advocating for Tibet and promoting the rich and vibrant Tibetan culture. The overwhelming engagement and support received from visitors, media outlets, and officials underscored the immense significance of this initiative.”

-Report filed by The Tibet Museum, DIIR, CTA

Tenzin Topdhen, Director of Tibet Museum, speaking to the visitors during travelling exhibition in Frankfurt.