The Tibet Museum’s Traveling Exhibition on ‘a brief biography of 14th His Holiness the Dalai Lama’ and ‘Journey into Exile’ in Bodh Gaya

The Tibet Museum traveling exhibition installed in Bodhgaya. Photo/ Karma Tashi/CTA

The Tibet Museum showcased a panel exhibition on ‘A Brief Biography of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’ and ‘Journey into Exile’ in Bodh Gaya as part of its 10-day travelling exhibition program. The exhibition was supplemented by screening documentary films every evening, focusing on Tibet issues.

The exhibition was officially opened to the public on 25th December 2022 drawing thousands of visitors from different parts of the world who actively attended the exhibition with much eagerness and enthusiasm. Along with the panel exhibition and documentary screening, the Tibet Museum team also distributed a number of publications of the Department of Information and International Relations to promote Tibetan culture and inform the global audience about the ongoing atrocities in Tibet under the oppressive policies of China.

The exhibition witnessed more than 500 visitors each day. Elderly Tibetans who suffered the first-hand experience of oppression were seen getting emotional while others found inspiration and showed their support.

Tricia McCleaf from Florida commented, “This is absolutely brilliant, especially the video. This tribute is not available in the western world except at government levels”. An 80 years old, retired Tibetan singer from Bhutan stated, “if we don’t learn and know about our history and educate the younger generations, then the time might come that no one will remember Tibet in the coming future.”


Documentary movie on Tibet related topics screening inside the exhibition tent. Photo/ Karma Tashi/CTA


Visitors engaged in freely distributed Department of Information and International Relations’ publications and scanning the Tibet Museum app. Photo/ Karma Tashi/CTA


Visitors from different ethnic background participated in the exhibition.