OHHDL Secretary Lobsang Jinpa Inaugurates Temporary Exhibition Titled ‘Biography of Self-Manifested Jowo Wati Sangpo

Secretary Lobsang Jinpa Inaugurates Temporary Exhibition titled ‘Biography of Self-Manifested Jowo Wati Sangpo’ on 22 May 2024. Photo / Tenzin Jigme Taydeh / CTA

Dharamshala: The Tibet Museum of the Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration, opens a temporary exhibition on “Biography of Self-Manifested Jowo Wati Sangpo” at Tibet Museum, Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamshala on Wednesday, 22 May 2024. 

Secretary Lobsang Jinpa from the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama was the chief guest, along with Khen Rinpoche Jampa Soepa from Hunsur Dzongkar Choede monastery as the guest of honour, also attended by a guest speaker Dr Tsewang Topla, lecturer at Sarah College for Higher Tibetan Studies, and Tibet Museum’s director Tenzin Topdhen.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with a welcome address by Tenzin Topdhen, the Director of Tibet Museum, who introduced the objectives behind the ongoing temporary exhibition and thanked all the contributors, resource persons, fund supporters, and organisers for making the exhibition viable. Followed by an informative speech by the guest speaker Dr Tsewang Topla, who provided an insightful overview of Jowo Wati Sangpo’s historical and cultural significance.

Thereafter, Khen Rinpoche delivered a compelling address on the profound significance of Jowo Wati Sangpo. Rinpoche recounted the historical challenges faced during the importation of this revered figure from Tibet and emphasised its invaluable status in Tibetan history. His narrative provided the audience with a deep understanding of the cultural and spiritual importance of Jowo Wati Sangpo.

The chief guest, Secretary Lobsang Jinpa, then took the stage to address the gathering. He commended the exhibition and delved further into the background history and testimonials communed to Jowo Wati Sangpo. His words resonated with the audience, adding depth to the already rich historical context of the event.

Following the chief guest’s address, Additional Secretary Tenzin Lekshey of the Department of Information and International Relations also spoke at the event. He shared his thoughts on the exhibition’s significance and thanked everyone who contributed. His acknowledgement of the collective effort highlighted the community’s dedication to preserving and promoting Tibetan heritage.

The event concluded with a word of thanks from the Tibet Museum staff.