The Tibet Awaress talk series program report: ‘A Brief Account on Terma (Hidden Treasure) of Tibetan Buddhism’.

The speaker delivering talks on the topic.

Dharamsala: Tibet awareness talk series is held twice, every month in the Tibet Museum,  located in 2nd floor, T-building, CTA, Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamshala. On 24th June 2022, Dr. Tsering Dolma, a Research fellow from Tibet Policy Institute, Central Tibetan Administration imparted the second talk series of the month on the topic ‘A Brief Account on Terma (Hidden Treasure) of Tibetan Buddhism.’


The speaker initially introduced the concept of Terma by defining it in two themes, one as the treasure and other as the non-exhaustible treasure. Focused on the authentic form of transmission of the teachings, she elaborated on the discovery of concealed teachings ‘Terma’ (Hidden Treasure) recognized by the Tibetan Buddhist traditions since the tenth century.

She explained the uniqueness of Terma that is immeasurable in the forms of images, secret texts, sacred pills, longevity nectar, pith instructions for practices, dharma instrument etc and also in the hidden form of Earth, rock, glacier, lake and water.

She then enlightened the audience with the categories of Terma;

First, Earth treasure that includes Dharma treasure, Ornament treasure and Object treasure, second as The profound pure vision treasure, third as The sky treasure or space treasure and fourth as Crowd treasure.

Later the presentation focused on the identity of Ter-Ton, the treasure revealer to meet necessary conditions like proper prophecy, time, place, disciples, auspicious conned and prophesized consorts.

The speaker concluded her presentation with the purpose of Terma concealment  and directed her presentation to the period of degeneration when the interest and practice of dharma started declining. His gracious feet blessed all the mountains, hills, caves, and lakes turning to meditational places in the lands of upper, central, and lower Tibet. With the blessing the infinite emanated treasure revealers will be born accordingly to the prophecy.

~Reported by Kunga Choedon

     Dr. Tsering Dolma, a Research fellow from Tibet Policy Institute, Central Tibetan Administration giving her presentation

Audience listening to the speaker imparting her presentation