The Tibet Museum organized an outreach program for raising awareness about The New Museum and its functioning.

On May 20th 2022, staff and volunteers from the Tibet Museum gathered at the main chowk of McLeod Ganj to promote the museum and its mission. This outreach event consisted of a small  quiz about Tibetan culture and political history, a survey to understand the public’s reactions to the new museum, and putting up souvenirs for sale. The event had two main goals: the first was to inform people that the museum has shifted from the old location (near the Tsuklakhang) to its new location within the T-Building of the CTA campus.The second goal was to support the Museum’s mission of educating the public about (1) the political history of Tibet, (2) the CTA’s role in Tibetan governance, and (3) current political situation in Tibet and it’s fragile environment. The Museum’s team had a great time interacting with  both locals and tourists to discuss the importance of museums at large and how The Tibet’s Museum in particular has showcased Tibet’s past, present and future in an interactive and comprehensive way . Since the opening of the new Tibet Museum in February, the museum has seen many visitors come through its doors. However, through efforts like this one, we hope to reach even greater audiences and carry the message of Tibetan resistance and resilience even further.