Tibetan National Flag

Tibet, like other independent nations, has a national flag. It was designed bythe ThirteenthDalai Lama in 1916 based on ancient Tibetan military flags. The flag was one of many nation-building initiatives adopted by our government at that time. We also created our own currency and stamps, defined our country’s borders, reorganised our systems of governance and strengthened our army. Despite China’s claims that Tibet was always a part of China, we were an independent country. Before China invaded Tibet
many other countries recognised our flag.
After 1959, owning and displaying our national flag was banned in Tibet by the CCP. Today, Tibetans, both in Tibet and in exile, continue to use our national flag as a symbol of resistance and unity. Countries around the world continue to show their solidarity by raising our national flag.
Tibet’s national flag represents our hopes for a free Tibet.